More fabric shopping…

Last Saturday I went to the fabric store down town and saw this beautiful silk/cotton fabric with flowers on it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and imagined all the different things I could make with it. I was hottest for using it as a lining for a autumn jacket, which I am thinking about making someday (or maybe a blouse, or both). And since I couldn’t get it out of my head I went yesterday and bought 2 meters of the fabric.


I also got a cotton trouser fabric to make these for my older son:Image

I find them very cute and practical for him, since he is so small and skinny.  And when I make them myself I can make the stretch band tight enough for him.  The plan is to make the raglan t-shirt from the jersey fabric I got last week.

I already cut the penguin jersey for PJ’s, now I only need to sew them.

I am also working on a crochet pillow from leftover yarn.  I am using the pattern Blómabreiða Þorvaldar from Þóra-heklbók and will hopefully get a pretty hexagonal pillow soon 🙂


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