In February I bought a four issue subscription of Pom Pom quarterly and I must say I am really impressed with the magazine.  My first issue was issue 3, the winter issue and I immediately knitted the Britangia mittens for my husband.  He laughed at me at the time, saying that he wouldn’t need mittens since the spring was just around the corner, but “luckily” it’s still winter (in April) and those mittens have gotten a lot of use.

When the spring issue arrived I wanted to knit everything in it.  First I made myself the Calla socks since I had suitable yarn laying around but I would like to make another pair in a solid color since you can’t really see the pattern.

Now I am making the Lobelia cardi and making good progress.  I bought a lovely lace yarn last week in a small yarn store not to far away from me.  It is in a village outside the city and it is tiny but so full with all kinds of yarn that I could hardly get in there.  It is called Die Wollbox and is mostly a mail order store.  I am happy that they also have this small store since i LOVE yarn stores and could have spent the entire day there.

Anyhow, the lace yarn I bought is from Madelinetosh in a color way called Denim, which is a light mixture of gray and blue, very pretty.  We are going on vacation soon and I plan to finish it there.  Since I am making so good progress I guess I’ll have to bring yarn for another project on the vacation…We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “PomPom

  1. I’m totally in love with their pattern choices, layout and overall sense of style!
    (And it’s been my not so secret ambition to get a design published in this magazine ever since the first issue was released…)

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