IMGP3627It’s finished and I could not be happier!

On Thursday I wove in the ends and on Friday I fastened the buttons which means that my pretty cardi is ready to wear.






I really liked knitting it. The lace yarn was easy to work with and since there was not much pattern, only straight knitting I could do it while watching my boys and talking and it was easy to put down and come back to.  The only tricky part was the ribbing at the bottom and the sleeves.  All those knitting and purling through the back loop (which I had no idea how to do (thank you youtube!)) and those twists… but it looks really pretty.

Photo0228 Photo0227









Blocking was not hard and I think the flowers are looking fab.



I made size 1 exactly like described in the pattern except I added a few stitches to the fronts and back to make the body a little wider and it fits great but maybe I should have mad it a little longer.

Overall, a cute, well fitting crop cardi, great to wear with high waisted skirts.  The lace yarn turned out beautifully and resulted in a light, airy fabric which I love. And those flowers…


This weekend I made that gray circle skirt to go with the cardi.  It’s made from cotton voile and is very light and super fun to twirl in.  Since I hemmed it with a rolled hem on my overlocker it was very easy to make and I imagine it will get lots of wear this summer.



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