Sewing this summer was mostly knitting

I haven’t sewn much lately, mostly because we were on vacation for a month visiting the family in Iceland.  Since we came back I’ve been working on my Masters project and currently both my boys are having adjustment period at their daycares which means they are only there until noon and I don’t get much sewing done when they are around.  I am really interested in making the Jedediah Pants for my husband, I think he would like them a lot.

However I have been knitting up a storm.  I finished a cardi for myself made from Geilsk cotton/wool blend when we were in Iceland.  The yarn is really amazing, so soft and easy to work with.  Plus each skein has a lot of yardage so I ended up using less than 4 skeins.  The pattern I made up myself and I am pretty happy with it.  It is made from the top down and worked in the round which made it a quick knit.  It is also seamless which I love.  The only hard part is that it is has steekes, which means after I finished knitting it I cut it to make the opening on the front.  This part is really scary, I mean to cut with scissors something you just spent hours and hours knitting is nerve wracking but I like the result.  Before you actually cut through the knitting you sew a few rows down each side of the front of you sweater so it won’t unravel and then you crochet a few rounds down each side of the opening.  This helps “close the wound” and also these are you button bands, i.e. where you have your buttons and buttonholes.

I also knitted hooded sweaters for my sons. I made them with Lama wool, which is soft but very thick, great for the winter.  The sweaters are worked flat and have raglan sleeves and contrasting edges worked in garter stitch.  They close with a zip.  The patterns I made myself but since I am still waiting for the zips to arrive I haven’t finished them yet.  So no photos.

I am also full of ideas for new projects, I guess I have to write them down so I wont forget…




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