More PomPom love

So I just finished some more projects from Pom Pom quarterly.  I made the Ammolite Cowl from the latest issue and the Skipworth mittens from the first issue.

I started making the cowl as a part of a year long stash yarn challenge.  The idea of this challenge is to knit something every month using only yarn you have in your stash.  I had two balls of this blue Navia Trio yarn and had been looking for a good use for them.  Then I saw this cowl and decided to give it a go.  I am really happy with the result.  The cables are beautiful and the texture of the whole thing is wow!


However, when the cowl was finished I still had almost a full skein left.  I was not very happy with that because the point was to finish the stash yarn.  So I searched for something I could make with the leftovers and found these mittens, also from pompom.  They are very easy and fast to make.  The only problem I have with this pattern is that it has garter stitch knitted in the round.  This means that you have to purl every other round, and since I don’t like purling to much I will probably use only stockinette stitch next time i make them.


The mittens and the cowl go well together since both have a garter stitch theme going on.  I am planing on giving them to a friend who has a big birthday coming up and I hope she likes them as much as I do.



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