FO: On-Trend the Skirt

Like I said I finished a skirt from the newest Ottobre woman issue.  It’s red and is lined with grey and red polka dot fabric and very pretty.


I bought the fabrics a while ago in my local fabric shop.  They were left overs on discount, less then a meter of each and I bought them with the intention of making a simple lined skirt.  The colors worked well together and the shell fabric even has some stretch but it is cotton.

IMGP4361_modifiedIt was relatively easy to make but still has pockets, invisible zipper and lining so in that sense it’s quite advanced. I cut a size 34 but made some alternations. I shortened it by about 10 cm and widened it by 2 cm at the waist.  Normally I would have added those 2 cm at the side seams but because of the pockets I decided to make the darts shallower, and I think it worked ok.  Also, I was supposed to sew the hem by hand, and since I am scared to death to hand stitch a hem I just did it on my machine.

The end result is a classic, well fitting skirt and I hope I will wear it a lot.  I find the red a bit to red though  (do you know what I mean?), but I am determined not to let it throw me off.

IMGP4362_modifiedp.s. I am sorry about the bad photos, I am new to taking photos of myself but I hope I will get better with time.


2 thoughts on “FO: On-Trend the Skirt

    • Hi, I think that the Ottobre patterns have better instructions than Burda, but they are still not very detailed. And of course you have to trace the patterns from the pattern sheet where all the patterns are in a big mess. But I like their designs more than Burdas and I prefer them. The photos in the magazine are also better and clearer. There are only two Ottobre Woman issues a year and each issue has around 20 patterns so I think that more time and work is given to each design which makes them better.
      I would definitely try it! I hope this helps.

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