Handmade Wardrobe

In the last few days I have realized that I actually have a lot of handmade garments.  I was kind of surprised by this since I always have the feeling that a lot of what I make is not good enough and thus never gets finished and also that I tend to make the wrong things. By the wrong things I mean short, tight dresses made from flashy fabrics that are more appropriate for special occasions and that do not fit my everyday life with a home, two little boys and masters thesis in progress.

My son wearing homemade hat, pants and sweater (under the jacket)

My son wearing homemade hat, pants and sweater (under the jacket)

A while ago I decided to try to make more clothes for everyday wear. For example comfortable skirts, cotton jersey tops and (if I would dare) pants.  Recently I noticed to my surprise that I was wearing a handmade garment almost every day.  Many of these garments are far from being perfect but I love to wear them anyway. This made me very happy and I am now determined to continue to make more clothes in that range and maybe someday I will only have me-mades in my wardrobe. How awesome would that be?

p.s. The work on my parka has come to a stop since I have not yet received my order with the rest of the fabrics+notions.  But once it comes I’ll start sewing away.


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