So, I have been very quite here for a while now.  I was pretty busy. Writing a master thesis while raising two boys and running a home  can get a bit tricky, specially if you want to spend your whole time knitting and sewing.  I guess this blog suffered the most from neglect.  Now that the thesis is off my hands I can bring it back to life.

I have made a lot these last few months.  I made Christmas outfits for my boys, fancy trousers and shirts from the winter issue of Ottobre.  I finally decided to buy the Colette patterns I’ve been eying for a while and have made two Beignet skirts and am finishing a Hawthorn dress.  I made a Deer and Doe Plantain top, just a bit to late to enter the competition. I have also been knitting and crocheting and have two new cardis which I am very happy with.  Hopefully I can show all these here in the next weeks.

I also went to the fabric mecca: Mood fabrics in New York, and OH MY GOD, I have never seen so much fabric in my life.  It was very hard to decide what to buy and I was overwhelmed with decisions.  But I stuck to the budget I had set for myself and brought home some very nice fabrics.

However, what I am the proudest of is how much I have worn my handmade items.  I wore the parka all winter thanks to the mild winter weather.  With a thick sweater underneath I could wear it on the colder days as well.  An I still wear it a lot. The sweatshirt dress is in constant rotation, the blue skirt as well.  The tops I sewed and the sweaters I knit are also a big part of my wardrobe.  It is hard to make items that you can wear on a daily basis and it took me a long time to get there.  Making a pretty summer dress or  party dresses is more appealing but often these garments just end up in my closet and never get worn because I don’t have an occasion to wear them.  As much as I like making fancy dresses I am thrilled with my new approach and I hope that one day most of my garments will be me-made and I am confident that I can do it.

Hopefully I will write again soon 🙂


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