Why seams should be finished properly


So last fall I made this flanell shirt for myself.  I really liked it, although it has its imperfections. Due to the excitement to start wearing it, I decided to take a short cut and only finish the seams with pinking shears. I had read all over the internet that this method is sometimes enough and was happy to try it on my shirt to not have to get my overlocker, thread it and test before I could finish my seams properly. What a time saver, right?



I wore the shirt a lot until inevitably I had to wash it.  So as I do with all my hand made clothes, I poped it in the washing machine and washed it on the DELICATE program, just in case.  When I took it out if saw to my horror that when working with soft flanells it is certainly not enough to finish the seams with pinking shears only.  It was tragic to look at and I was so upset that I hung the shirt in my closet and have not touched it since.  However, all winter I was thinking: “My flanell shirt would look very nice with this outfit” or “If only I had a cozy shirt to wear with these jeans” and then remembering what had happened.


The inside after washing. Oh the horror!


The seam on the outside is coming apart!

So today I decided to fix it, FINALLY!!  And it only took ten minutes!  Now I can wear my shirt again without being afraid it will fall to pieces. Lesson learned!

Beautiful overlocked seam

Beautiful overlocked seam


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