Without a doubt my least favorite part of sewing is cutting the fabric.  I really dread this part of the process which results in many of my ideas are never executed, even though I have a pattern, the right fabric and all.  Before you start cutting you need a lot of dust free space which means clearing the kitchen table or mopping the floor and then you have to fold the fabric correctly which is hard when you have 2-3 meters of fabric. Then you have to measure everything and even mark seam allowances. When cutting you need to take care and be precise because it really affects the look and quality of the finished garment.

Therefore my newest approach to this problem is to cut a lot at once, to simply get the cutting over with and then I have plenty of fun sewing to do  So the last two evenings I have been preparing a few projects, and now I have a fun pile of ready to sew pieces.  I spent the last of my evening threading my overlocker, testing the stitches on some scrap fabric and now it is also ready to start sewing 🙂IMGP4815_PEF_shotwell_modified


2 thoughts on “Cutting

  1. I absolutely agree that my least favorite part is the cutting as well. What has really helped me is to dedicate time specifically to it, rather than to assuming I’m going to start working right away. If helps- but I definitely think your way is better! I will definitely try that soon!

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