MeMadeMay-half way there…

Since we are half way through May I thought I would make a little documentation of how it has been going for me.  Like I said, I did not take photos everyday and when I have they are crappy mirror selfies so I will spare you. I also went on a trip for a few days which made it a bit tricky but I tried to pack so that I would be wearing something handmade most of the time. Here is a list of what I have been wearing:

Today's outfit

Today’s outfit

May 1: Blue Polka dot Plantain (not blogged)

May 2: Flanell shirt

May 3: Grey skinny pants (not blogged)

May 4:  No handmades

May 5: Blue Kelly Skirt and Anzen Cardigan

May 6: Jersey 1/3 dress (not blogged)

May 7: No hand made garment

May 8: Blue Polka Dot Plantain (not blogged)

May 9: Blue Polka Dot Plantain (not blogged)

May 10: Hawthorn Dress and Anzen Cardigan

May 11: No handmade garment

May 12: Anzen Cardigan

May 13: Anzen Cardigan and Parka for outside

May 14: Burgundy Beignet and Parka for outside

May 15: Cobalt Blue Mini skirt

Clearly the Anzen is a favorite. It is just so easy and nice to put on when I get a bit chilly and like I said it goes with everything.  Out of the 15 days there are only 3 where I did not wear a handmade garment which is within my goal so I am quite happy.  But I clearly see what I need to make more of.  I will get on that after I finish my current wips which include a bathing suit and a sundress. Here is a sneak peek…Photo0407



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