On my Needles part 2

So, I’ve been a busy knitter these last two weeks. I finished the Waterlily a week ago and then started working intensively on the Brolly shawl. However, the rows are getting pretty long by now and every row there are two more stitches increased so it takes longer and longer to finish a row.  I am at 320 stitches now and still have a 100 to go, but that’s only 50 more rows BEFORE I can start the border…I decided to take some time away from it to work on other projects.   IMGP4880_PEF_modified

After seeing a couple of pretty Seaside Sundae blankets on Ravelry I got very excited to make my own.  When I first saw it I wasn’t very IMGP4865_PEF_modifiedinterested in it because I don’t really care for the colors they use in the magazine.  But colors are of course a matter of taste and seeing the other two blankets made me give it another look.  I decided to make this blanket for my mom since her birthday is coming up and therefore I chose green as the main color since that is her favorite.  IMGP4872_PEF_modifiedThe color combination reminds me of the ocean and I am quite happy with it.  Also, my mom is not a big fan of random (which is how I think the triangles in the pattern are arranged) so I decided to make it more orderly. Also the outermost border will be only one color.  I have decided to make it 2 rows longer so I expect it to be ca. 125 cm instead of 104 cm. So far I have completed 10 squares of the 60 that I have to make. The yarn is Drops Merino Extra Fine and luckily they it is currently on sale with 35% off.IMGP4866_PEF_modified

I had some leftover silk from my Waterlily and I have been crocheting bow ties from it.  Each tie is only a few grams so I will probably have enough for 8-10.  I still have to sew them together and add the central piece.  But I like the way they look.IMGP4882_PEF_modified


Anzen Cardi

So, I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages, even got the photos ready a few weeks ago but something was holding me back(read laziness) . So here goes…IMGP4810_PEF_shotwell_modifiedThis is my finished Anzen Cardigan from PomPom Quarterly issue 7. I bought the yarn just before Christmas with the idea to have a fun project to work on over the holidays and I had planed a trip to Paris over the new years which gave me many long car driving hours ideal to fill with mindless crochet.IMGP4811_PEF_shotwell_modifiedI used some standard sport weight wool I got at a local yarn shop and I am quite happy with the quality.  Also I am not afraid at all to pop the cardigan in the washing machine which I have done many times already since I finished it in January and have been wearing it non-stop. I made a size 1 and guess my gauge was a bit of because it turned out a bit tight but I love it anyway.IMGP4812_PEF_shotwell_modifiedThe pattern is very easy and the instructions quite good which means that this is a perfect project for a beginner in crochet who wants to make something wearable.

It has been my go-to cardigan since I finished it and I feel it goes with everything, at least I wear it with everything  🙂

Work in Progress

Work in Progress


Productive weekend

This weekend was quite productive for me to say the least.

I finished those raglan t-shirts I was planing to make, plus one pair of pants, which means that my son has now one set of PJ’s and two shirts for kindergarten (pics coming soon).

I also finished the pillow I’ve been crocheting and am quite happy with the result.  I used almost exactly 5 skeins of Létt-Lopi from my stash.  I have this rule (since I have soooo much leftover yarn) that before I can buy new yarn for a project I must finish one skein from my stash.  That must mean that I can now buy yarn for 5 more  projects, right? 🙂 Happy, happy knitting!

More fabric shopping…

Last Saturday I went to the fabric store down town and saw this beautiful silk/cotton fabric with flowers on it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and imagined all the different things I could make with it. I was hottest for using it as a lining for a autumn jacket, which I am thinking about making someday (or maybe a blouse, or both). And since I couldn’t get it out of my head I went yesterday and bought 2 meters of the fabric.


I also got a cotton trouser fabric to make these for my older son:Image

I find them very cute and practical for him, since he is so small and skinny.  And when I make them myself I can make the stretch band tight enough for him.  The plan is to make the raglan t-shirt from the jersey fabric I got last week.

I already cut the penguin jersey for PJ’s, now I only need to sew them.

I am also working on a crochet pillow from leftover yarn.  I am using the pattern Blómabreiða Þorvaldar from Þóra-heklbók and will hopefully get a pretty hexagonal pillow soon 🙂