Centaurée the Second

IMGP4897_PEF_shotwell_modifiedAs planed I have made a second Centaurée dress.  This time I did the high-low hem and a proper SBA where I followed the instructions in the sew-along.  I made a little error when adding the seam allowances back to the pattern pieces which resulted in me having to take the center front seam in a little but with this busy print you do not see it.    IMGP4893_PEF_shotwell_modified I love the fabric, it is a very soft cotton voile, white with mint green print. I used just under 2 meters. The bodice is interlined with the same fabric and I used ready bought bias tape.  I cut a size 36 and did 3 cm SBA.   I cut a bit of the length of the skirt and even after sewing it together I reduced the center back even more since it had a weird shape.  So I made the hem more even and the fishtail hem is not as dramatic.  IMGP4899_PEF_shotwell_modifiedRecently I bought two presser foots and was able to use them both in the construction of this dress. The first is a rolled hem foot that makes 2mm hems, very narrow indeed.  I like IMGP4902_PEF_shotwell_modifiedit a lot but have trouble sometimes when I sew over seams and the fabric becomes thicker, I may have to consider hemming before sewing the pieces together (in the flat). Other than that it is easy to use and I am considering also buying a 5mm rolled hem presser foot since I think I would use it a lot.  The second presser foot is harder to use, it is an adjustable bias binder and I used it to , surprisingly, attach the bias tape (not the center front which I basted by hand before sewing).  You need a technique to use it and I am getting better and better every time.  It is designed to bind straight edges so when you have curves there is no room for mistakes because you can not stop sewing, pull the garment out of the sewing machine and then start again later.But I am getting better at using it and I have come to like it. And it definitely makes binding edges much faster.IMGP4915_PEF_shotwell_modifiedAnd I am sorry about the photos being almost all the same…


FO: Picot socks

I just finished these socks.  Maybe a bit uninteresting but I like them.  The pattern is PomPom’s Picot socks available free on their website.  I made the smallest size and only needed one 50 gr skein. The yarn is standard sock yarn, a blend of wool and nylon and it is so beautifully green.

IMGP4446 The socks are knitted from the toe up and this was my first time making socks this way. I really like this method, since there are no stitches to pick up after the heel is turned.  The picking up of stitches always results in holes in my socks and these have none! The increases and decreases I find quite cleverly made and I think I will be making socks this way in the future. Just look how pretty it is.

IMGP4452I also decided to challenge myself by knitting both socks at the same time, on one needle.  And it was really easy.

My result is a pair (note: not just ONE sock) of woolen socks just in time for fall. I have been wearing them all day and my feet are so warm. I looove wool socks!IMGP4448