Cute little Skirts

Recently, I went to one of my favorite stores here in Hannover.  It is called Hallhuber and is a German brand I think.  They always have very sheek clothes, very fancy and perfect for people working in office environment.  I always want to get everything they have, but the style does not really fit my lifestyle right now (kids, master thesis writing, no job etc.) One thing I noticed however this time was all the cute little skirts they had. I am talking about above the knee length skirts, straight, flared, full, pleated, in various colors, patterns and plaids.

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I really liked all of them. But each time I laid my eyes on a different skirt, admiring it and then inevitably looking at the price tag I thought to myself: I could so easily make that skirt in a few hours for half the price.  Because when you make a simple skirt like that you don’t need much fabric, less than a meter is enough.  Throw in a zipper and matching thread and you are good to go.  I mean, just look at some of these styles.

If you have a good, basic skirt pattern it would be so easy to make a gorgeous little skirt.  I also love that styling, when you have a pretty skirt as the center and wear it with black tights and a black top. I just think you can not go wrong there…

And I also really loved the next one.  It’s black and I feel right now that I really need a black skirt.  I find this one really cute, the flare is just awesome. I guess its just a half or quarter circle added joined to a basic skirt pattern at the hip. Sounds easy enough, right?

1181895So, don’t be surprised if you see some skirts popping up here in the future!