Quiet time

Hello.  I know I have been very quiet  for the last few weeks.

I had exams to prep for and after I completed them I got very lazy for a week or two and did almost nothing, except taking care of my two boys and running the home etc.

Well now I am back!

I participated in the Banksia Sew-Along run by Megan Nielsen and finished two of these lovely tops and have one almost ready, I just need to add the buttons and the buttonholes.

Since I like to do things all at once and find it difficult to do only a little bit everyday for many days, during the sew-along I also finished a Kelly skirt.

I am very happy with both blouse versions.  The gray one is made of jersey and is sans placket and has long sleeves.  It is super comfy and also very pretty.

Jersey Banskia and Kelly Skirt

The red one is made from quilting cotton and I managed to squeeze the whole thing form only a meter of 115cm wide fabric.  The only thing I had to sacrifice was 1cm of the sleeves.  This was only thought as a muslin, but it fits great and I have already worn it a lot.  A surprise feature which I found very practical is that the placket is low enough to allow nursing (I have a 4 month old son).

Floral Banksia Blouse

The Kelly skirt was really easy to make, except maybe making all these button holes and sewing the buttons so that everything matches.  It is fun and easy to wear and I really like it. When I went shopping for the fabric, there was only 1,1meter left of this fabric but I decided to get it anyways and try to make it do. The pattern calls for 1,4 meters of 140cm wide fabric but I only used just under a meter since I could easily lay the both skirt pieces side by side.  This is a size S, so if you want to make XS or S you only need 1 meter.

I have a third version of the blouse almost ready and will post pics when I finish it.

In all I am very happy with my makes 🙂


I’ve got mail

Earlier this week my Megan Nielsen patterns finally arrived.

I’m really happy and can’t wait to start the Banksia blouse sewalong.

And yesterday I got the birthday present from my husband: A dress form. It’s a size 34/36 from Luccesi. I really like the fabric and think it looks very pretty.  Now I just have to find a name for her…