Progress on the Parka


I haven’t talked about the jacket I am sewing for a while now so I guess this is a good time.  I started making this parka from the latest Ottobre Woman magazine a few weeks ago.  I bought the shell fabric in my local fabric store but ordered the lining and notions online.  They took forever to arrive.  I guess that my order was somehow forgotten because as soon as I managed to contact them (this was not easy) 16 days after I made my order they sent it right away.  I was really unhappy with their service but at least I got my stuff in the end.


When I had only the shell fabric I did everything I could, that is I sewed the pockets and prepped some smaller pieces to get it out of the way.  The lining is namely treated as an interlining, meaning that a shell piece and a corresponding lining piece are treated as one when sewing. After sewing each seam you have to serge the edges and then top stitch, so there is a lot of work.Photo0361_modified

The lining is a beautiful red cotton with white polka dots. After I basted the lining pieces to the shell pieces the body of the fabric changed a lot and now it feels much more like outerwear.  I thought that a shell made of twill would be somehow cheap looking  and without body but it is not and  I am really happy with my fabric choices.

After I got my order it took my a few days to get back on track with sewing the parka, but last weekend I finally cut out the pieces for the lining and now I have sewed everything together.  What is still missing is binding the hood/jacket seam, inserting the zipper (which scares me a bit), finishing the front edges of the jacket and hood. This is done with a facing which first has to have it’s edges finished with bias-tape and the final step is hemming.  Wow, when I write it down like that it is not much at all.Photo0364_modified

Maybe I’ll have it ready before the weekend 🙂

I can’t wait!!!


In Progress: Parka and mittens

Photo0343_modifiedLike I talked about last week, I really wanted to make that Ottobre Parka.  Well I bought the lining fabric and notions online last week but since the shell fabric that I wanted was out of stock I decided to by it in my local fabric shop.

This was Thursday last week.  Since then I washed to shell fabric, ironed it, cut out all the pattern pieces, tailor tacked everything excessively and then sewed everything that I possibly could.

I am still waiting for my package from the online store so I can continue.

But I have sewn the vent pockets on the front pieces and am quite happy with them.  I managed to sew on of them closed when top stitching.

Still, one turned out better than the other…










Now I just have to be patient…

I am also working on some mittens for my sons, using leftover yarn.  This is a part of a leftover yarn challenge I am taking part in, but I have until the end of October to finish, so there is no hurry…


FO: On-Trend the Skirt

Like I said I finished a skirt from the newest Ottobre woman issue.  It’s red and is lined with grey and red polka dot fabric and very pretty.


I bought the fabrics a while ago in my local fabric shop.  They were left overs on discount, less then a meter of each and I bought them with the intention of making a simple lined skirt.  The colors worked well together and the shell fabric even has some stretch but it is cotton.

IMGP4361_modifiedIt was relatively easy to make but still has pockets, invisible zipper and lining so in that sense it’s quite advanced. I cut a size 34 but made some alternations. I shortened it by about 10 cm and widened it by 2 cm at the waist.  Normally I would have added those 2 cm at the side seams but because of the pockets I decided to make the darts shallower, and I think it worked ok.  Also, I was supposed to sew the hem by hand, and since I am scared to death to hand stitch a hem I just did it on my machine.

The end result is a classic, well fitting skirt and I hope I will wear it a lot.  I find the red a bit to red though  (do you know what I mean?), but I am determined not to let it throw me off.

IMGP4362_modifiedp.s. I am sorry about the bad photos, I am new to taking photos of myself but I hope I will get better with time.

Ottobre Woman Fall 2013

17 I have to admit when I saw this parka in the fall issue of Ottobre Kids I immediately started planing how I could make it for myself.  You see, I am very short and I sometimes (read often) fit in the bigger sizes (158 or 164) of children clothing. So this would not have been very difficult but it felt weird.

But just look how amazing it is! Who would not want that?

ceci_takki-sarjaLater I found out that Ottobre was planing to have this same parka in adult sizes in their Woman magazine.  So I waited and waited until it finally came out a few weeks ago.

Parka-1-bI bought the issue and was not disappointed when I saw the parka I fell in love with.  I also looked at the other designs in the magazine and there are many that I really like.  I often find that there are only two or three great garments and the other are just not for me, but this time is different.  There are some jersey tops in different varieties which I plan to make, a shirt and a blouse with peplum, some skirts (I have already made one of those (see later)) and a blazer.  I use size 34 and since I am short with such a short back I find it really difficult to find patterns for jackets and coats that fit me.  Jacket patterns usually only get as small as 36 sometimes even 38.  I find this really frustrating.  So maybe I’ll even make the blazer.

But first up is the parka.  I am trying to decide on a color, I think I will make it in black twill, and I have found some red and white polka dot fabric for the lining…at least the fabrics and notions have found their way into a shopping cart in an online fabric shop…ooops!