A couple of Beignets


IMGP4759_PEF_shotwell_modified I know I am very late since this pattern was released some years ago and so many sewers have made this skirt already and posted them online. I have been admiring this pattern and the skirts I’ve seen for a while and a few months ago I finally decided to get one for myself. Now I’ve made two versions of the pattern and I am totally in love with the style of this skirt, the high waist, the button down front and the loose A-line fit I find very flattering and the construction is juIMGP4748_PEF_shotwell_modifiedst so clever.  Because it is fully lined there are no visible raw edges on the inside and it looks very pretty and finished.  A skirt like this is not a very big garment so it is easy and not very time consuming to give much attention to the details which give a nice and polished finish, for example hand sewn hem.



I made the first skirt in black wool/polyester blend with black and white polka dot silk lining (very luxurious). IMGP4733_PEF_modified  I made size 2 and shortened it by about 10 cm since I am not the tallest person.   It has fabric covered buttons of which I needed 10. I omitted the belt, belt loops and the pockets because I read somewhere that they tend to gape and also, unlike everyone, I do not really like pockets in my skirts and dresses.IMGP4735_PEF_modified  I like this version because it is a nice skirt, perfect for special occasions and it feels very classy. The fabric is very soft and maybe a little to soft.  I guess a fabric with more body works better.  Which is the case of the next skirt.IMGP4738_PEF_modified

The second skirt is made from a fine cord in a pretty burgundy color.  Because of the thickness of the fabric I used quilters cotton from the stash for the facings and the lining is a bright blue typical polyester lining fabric.  IMGP4737_PEF_modifiedNot the most usual combination of colors but I think it’s fun.  No one ever sees the inside anyway so it is OK to have it unexpected. Since the first version was a little to wide in the waist I still cut a size 2 but made each seam a little bit deeper (1-2mm). Therefore it is a little bit tighter and I also shortened it by 10 cm. I have worn this skirt a lot and it’s been through the washing machine a few times.  It keeps it shape pretty well but it does wrinkle. And the only problem with this version is the ironing.  Because it is cord I don’t want to iron it from the outside but ironing it from the inside is a little tricky because of the lining.  Also, all those buttons get in the way.  It is a perfect everyday skirt in my opinion.IMGP4743_PEF_shotwell_modified

In all I really like this pattern. It is well made and the instructions are very good and thorough. I just have a few tips.

  • Make sure that the fabric is not to soft and drapy, a stiffer fabric gives the skirt more body and structure.
  • You should decide the final length before cutting the fabric since shortening it after wards can be tricky because of the construction.
  • When I joined the lining to the facings (the long curved seam) in stead of following the instructions, I stay stitched along the seam line on the lining and the facings, then I clipped the curves and pinned the two pieces together matching notches. This way the seam lines are flexible and you can make them match exactly in length before sewing and there is no need to baste. I did this because I felt that trimming down the seam allowance of one edge before stitching together was more risky and if I made a mistake it would be harder to unpick, Using my way you do not have to measure anything and you can pin the two edges together accurately.
  • If I make this again I will try to omit the buttons and have the center front piece whole.  I think that then it will look a lot like Deer and Doe’s new pattern, Anemone

That’s it, two pretty skirts and hopefully more on the way.IMGP4765_PEF_shotwell_modified




Cobalt Blue Skirt

I made this skirt recently, just got round to take pictures today.IMGP4563_modifiedIt’s a classic mini skirt with fly front and back yoke.  I got the pattern from Ottobre Magazine 4/12 and yes it is a kids pattern.  I made a size 158 and surprisingly it fit just right. I could maybe have reduced the waist a little, but I think it is Ok.  It was my first ever fly front, and although it is a little crooked I am happy. I had the metal flower button in my stash and think it fits quite well. In the back there is a little kick pleat which I find quite cute.  It also has front and pack pockets, so a lot of detail, which is nice.IMGP4566_modifiedI bought the fabric a while ago. It is cobalt blue cotton twill, great for this project since it has some body and similar features as denim.  I also love the color, although I find it a bit hard to style. I guess I just have to experiment a little.

IMGP4567_modifiedOverall I am happy with it and I hope to wear it a lot.  I guess it has the potential of much wear, since I can wear it with tights in autumn and spring and then by itself in summer.  I guess it is not a heavy winter skirt, but maybe I’ll give it a try.




I know it has been a bit quite here for the last week or so.  I got caught up preparing a presentation for a seminar at uni.  Since then I’ve been sewing a lot but haven’t had the opportunity to take any photos yet.  It gets dark really early now after we reset the clock two weeks ago.  So I should have used the weekend to take some photos of my projects but I really wasn’t in the mood. Also, I spent most of my free time sewing a shirt which only needs buttons and buttonholes now.

Last weekend there was a fabric market downtown.  It comes here every 2-3 months and it is HUGE!  The first time I saw it I thought I was in heaven.  It has all kinds of fabrics in every color, pattern, fiber, thickness and the notions, WOW! Everything you could dream of, it’s there.  The market is always packed with people (ok mostly women) with huge shopping bags (home made) or pulling shopping trolleys behind them which they fill with all the lovely fabrics.  It can be tricky to get around there and you have to be pretty determined, there is not much room to deliberate and the staff are so busy cutting fabrics for everyone it may take a while to get what you want.

This time I wasn’t feeling motivated enough and I wasn’t in the mood to push around.  I only got two things, navy and white polka dot cotton jersey and black and white polka dot silk.  I am excited about the silk since I’ve never really made anything with silk before.  Although I may just become a lining for a skirt or a nighty I am looking forward to working with it.

These past few weeks I have often been to my local fabric shop and looked at their discount rack.  They always keep this rack outside with leftover fabric (0.5-2 meters) which they sell with 50% off.  I have gotten good deals there.  Last time I went I found the perfect wool blend to make a skirt I’ve had on my mind for a few weeks.  I talked about it in a previous post and since then I have not gotten it of my mind. So I guess this skirt is next on my sewing list. And I may just give it a silk lining, how luxurious would that be?1181895

Cute little Skirts

Recently, I went to one of my favorite stores here in Hannover.  It is called Hallhuber and is a German brand I think.  They always have very sheek clothes, very fancy and perfect for people working in office environment.  I always want to get everything they have, but the style does not really fit my lifestyle right now (kids, master thesis writing, no job etc.) One thing I noticed however this time was all the cute little skirts they had. I am talking about above the knee length skirts, straight, flared, full, pleated, in various colors, patterns and plaids.

1175703 1175693 1175089 1179763 1180051 1181857  11797631186615

I really liked all of them. But each time I laid my eyes on a different skirt, admiring it and then inevitably looking at the price tag I thought to myself: I could so easily make that skirt in a few hours for half the price.  Because when you make a simple skirt like that you don’t need much fabric, less than a meter is enough.  Throw in a zipper and matching thread and you are good to go.  I mean, just look at some of these styles.

If you have a good, basic skirt pattern it would be so easy to make a gorgeous little skirt.  I also love that styling, when you have a pretty skirt as the center and wear it with black tights and a black top. I just think you can not go wrong there…

And I also really loved the next one.  It’s black and I feel right now that I really need a black skirt.  I find this one really cute, the flare is just awesome. I guess its just a half or quarter circle added joined to a basic skirt pattern at the hip. Sounds easy enough, right?

1181895So, don’t be surprised if you see some skirts popping up here in the future!

FO: On-Trend the Skirt

Like I said I finished a skirt from the newest Ottobre woman issue.  It’s red and is lined with grey and red polka dot fabric and very pretty.


I bought the fabrics a while ago in my local fabric shop.  They were left overs on discount, less then a meter of each and I bought them with the intention of making a simple lined skirt.  The colors worked well together and the shell fabric even has some stretch but it is cotton.

IMGP4361_modifiedIt was relatively easy to make but still has pockets, invisible zipper and lining so in that sense it’s quite advanced. I cut a size 34 but made some alternations. I shortened it by about 10 cm and widened it by 2 cm at the waist.  Normally I would have added those 2 cm at the side seams but because of the pockets I decided to make the darts shallower, and I think it worked ok.  Also, I was supposed to sew the hem by hand, and since I am scared to death to hand stitch a hem I just did it on my machine.

The end result is a classic, well fitting skirt and I hope I will wear it a lot.  I find the red a bit to red though  (do you know what I mean?), but I am determined not to let it throw me off.

IMGP4362_modifiedp.s. I am sorry about the bad photos, I am new to taking photos of myself but I hope I will get better with time.