Knitted Hoodies

1   In the summer I started knitting sweaters for my sons. I think it’s really good for them to have warm sweaters to wear under their jackets or simply alone on crisp fall mornings.  They also have to be practical. My older son is not the most patient person in the world so the sweaters had to be easy to take of and put on so I decided to have a zip front.  The sweaters have hoods, since it ads to the warmth, they get fuller around the neck and the hood can serve as a hat if you forget it  and I also find it looks good.  I also wanted the finishing to be easy.  I loath knitting pattern were in the end you have to sew everything together and avoid them by all means.  So on these sweaters I decided to do raglan sleeves which I also find practical for kids. 2

When I was in Iceland this summer i picked up some great yarn for the sweaters in my favorite shop: Litla Prjónabúðin.  The yarn is a blend of llama wool and lambs wool and I really love it.  It is so soft and I know it is super warm. It is called Lamauld from strikkebogen,dk and I highly recommend it.

So, having bought the wool I started knitting, and a few weeks later the sweaters where finished.  I could not be happier because they turned out exactly the way I wanted them to. I really love them and so do my sons.